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Get Involved

How You Can Help
Walk With Us

Join us on a Watch

We primarily patrol at nights and provide lunches, snacks, water, and a person to talk to. People of all walks of life and abilities are welcome. 


Engage The Community

Most importantly we believe in listening to the people out there on the streets. Communication is important because sometimes all a person wants and needs is to be heard.

Give Back

Make a Donation

SAGE Clan has little funding, and all of the patrollers are a volunteer.  SAGE Clan needs gear, such as winter coats, winter boots, radios, and pull wagons. SAGE Clan would also like to continuously provide bagged lunches and occasional warm meals to the People who have no houses or supports, who are homeless and addicted.

Speak Up

Spread the Word

SAGE is trying to spread awareness of the problems facing our community. If you don’t have the time to patrol with us, all we ask is to share what we are doing to get the support of the community behind us.